Help please 7* Chewie

I am currently using Bossk, Boba, IG88, Dengar and Greedo. 88 and Greedo die basically before 1 turn. I can raise gear on Dengar or Greedo or sub in Cad for someone and raise his gear level. I also have Omegas and Zetas to use if I have to. Basically, who can I use to beat this with putting the least amount of resources into them. Also I really don’t want to try for 3 hours either. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • Dump ig88 for Cad to start, the stun is important and IG88 is tissue paper
  • Naver666
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    Sub in cad for 88 who doesn't bring much into this particular matter what you so, trying for several hours seems to be essential for this...rng is huge here
  • NuSair
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    Pay attention to Leia's leadership ability. once per turn, gain 30% turn meter when opponent tries to debuff (ie- the turn meter is gained if the debuff is resisted or not).
  • Naver666
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    Thats exactly why 88 is a dangerous use here...thx, didn't remember her lead exactly
  • Dallamar wrote: »
    Dump ig88 for Cad to start, the stun is important and IG88 is tissue paper

    This is what I would suggest as well.
  • kurtisblow
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    After about 20 tries at this today using zBossk, Fett, Cad (all G12) plus G9 Greedo and Dengar, I had to move over better mods and gear up Greedo to G11 and Dengar to G10.

    After that I failed about 10 more times. Then I tweaked some mods on Greedo, tried one more time. This time Greedo died in the opening barrage, but I got a big hit on Chewie with Fett’s execute and went on to win from there.

    Long story shorter, I had to do some more gearing and then have RNG luck.
  • YKMisfit
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    Yeah, drop 88. My IG88 is G12, but I had to replace him with a G7 Cad Bane before I had any luck in the event.
  • Thanks. So gearing up Cad is more important than Greedo? Also do I need any Zetas and are any of the Omegas crucial?
  • kurtisblow
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    Cad has a more consistent stun and is more durable, so I would recommend yes on gearing him before Greedo.

    I completed it with only Bossk’s leadership zeta, no others. Dengar’s zeta could be helpful, but the others don’t seem to add much to this battle in my opinion.

    The other option is to replace Greedo with Jango if you have him. The extra revive and aoe can be clutch.
  • Just wanted to share my 7* crew, in case it helps you...

    Took about 30 attempts, after initial salvo conditions were met.

    Good luck Alpha Predator!
  • Thanks everyone! I Zeta’d Bossk’s lead. Brought Cad to 12 to replace 88. Then used Dengar and Greedo. Got it first try! Here’s the gear and mods I used for anyone else trying.
  • Gruny
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    I definitely had to wait until R2 didn't Smoke Screen and Chewbacca was Buffed. Bobba to Terminate on Chewbacca. Keep up the pressure to kill him, Lando I got next, Han, Leia and the. R2 last. All my BH gear 12.5 besides Cad, at 12.1, and I had to wait until these conditions were met. Otherwise just reset and try again. 10 attempts, others have taken longer. May the Force be with you. Remember, one the hardest event in the game.
  • cboath7
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    OK, i did this this morning and I think this is the worst event they've done.

    I started with zBoba, Dengar, Cad, Zam, Bossk(L) all G12, like 58/60 gold mods, all speeds 200+

    15 tries and i killed chewy once, but no one else. I tried boba L as well and fared no better.

    Zeta'd Bossk, rand bossk lead and voila, finished it. that zeta on bossk makes a massive world of difference. They should really write in the requirements 'Zeta lead Bossk'.

    Yes, people do it without the zeta or bossk, but i have no desire to run it for hours on end to get the perfect RNG.
  • Counts
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    Took me a while, but I did it with zBoba 12.3, dengar 12, cad 12.1, ig88 11, and Greedo 9. I ended up putting the zeta on Boba and that helped. He finished Chewy and regained protection. Then took out han and the payouts were triggered. It's not too hard at that point but the hardest part is getting to that point.
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