So do all my BH need to be max gear for CHewy 7 at this point?

And should I drop Zam, and swap in Jango next event when he's ready?


  • If you have Bossk 7* with zeta on his lead it Will be much easier
  • Cleudiomar wrote: »
    If you have Bossk 7* with zeta on his lead it Will be much easier

    No it's not!
  • EricsonX wrote: »
    No it's not!

    Put your bossk and boba at G11 and it'll work with zeta. Bossk have a good shop, so it's a good toon to invest.
  • I have them max gear. Zeta Bossk. Still keep getting smoked.
  • Keep trying. Only day 1 into the event. Took me probably 50-70 tries. Read guides.
  • TL;DR: Recommend G12 for sanity. Recommend zBossk and Dengar for sanity. Though, it has been done with other leads and compositions and lesser gear - feel free to test your luck with RNG.

    I had G12 zBossk, Boba, Dengar, Cad, IG88 - these mostly due to ships, and Dengar was my last pick based a while back on what people recommended for One Famous Wookie.

    Without Dengar, I'm not really sure what a successful run would have looked like. I guess absolutely ridiculous RNG and phone-throwing. My run was entirely dependent on Dengar being crit in the opening volley so that he was stealthed and therefore R2D2 couldn't stealth Chewbacca. I would just retreat if that didn't happen because it was an easy loss otherwise. From there it was basically Chewbacca focus with stuns and damage when he wasn't stunned.

    I actually found more success using my AoE multi-debuff abilities like IG88's Rapid Fire and Dengar's Mini-Mine Mayhem, despite this feeding the enemy team turn meter. Whether applied or not, it was feeding zBossk health and protection recovery and with Chewbacca stunned at least half his turns, also probably some clutch ability blocks, the enemy wasn't putting out lethal damage.

    Still, I ended with only Dengar, Cad and IG88 of all things. Very close, very tough event.
  • I'll throw my victory fight outcome in here, just in case it sparks another to push for the win:

    Here's my squad:

    I had similar opening conditions that had to be met as @BanRommil, where if R2 stealthed or I lost more than one in the initial salvo I just restarted. Meeting those rules, it only took about 30 or so attempts to get RNG to co-operate.

    One aspect that I haven't heard mentioned that helped was Dengar's stun. His "Blast & Smash" seemed to land stuns on Chewy with much regularity, they almost always have full TM! I also tried to avoid AOE and focused down the big hairy dude ASAP. I ended up activating Bossk's contract after hitting Chewy with the net. I had all but Greedo standing with activated contracts once Chewy was down, from there got Han, Leia and Lando, leaving R2 for last.

    Funny enough, I was in the waiting room for my eye doctor, just killing time. Turns out my winning run didn't come until they called my name. (Thanks Murphy!) It was looking good on the initial salvo and I just closed the phone. Left it paused in my pocket until the doc left the room, had to let some eye drops take hold. I grab my phone and un-pause...."wow, this looks good", sitting in the dark, hoping to get through and have a stable connection to register the victory if it happens.......Then the win. Anyone walking by would've heard the loud "YES!" coming from exam room #8.

    Another epic victory I will not soon forget! Best of luck on nabbing 7* fellow hunters!!
  • Miracles can happen...

  • By "much easier" he means "less impossible.
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