Mods for 7 tier Chewie

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Hey Guys really need help with my mods for 7 tier chewie. I got him to 6 star but cant get close with 7 tier. Should I use speed, potency or the reccomend mod they advise. I have G12 Bossk and Boba both zeta, G10 Dengar and Cad and G9 Greedo
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  • You’re probably pretty close to the minimums as far as gear goes, so you’ll want to target around +100 speed for most of your toons and try to get as much survivability as possible. I’d do critical damage sets for Boba and Greedo (Greedo should have CC for his secondary set), and health (and/or speed) sets for the other 3. Potency plus for Cad bane, offense for Boba and Greedo, protection for the others. CD triangles across the board, but you can switch those to protection if you need (not for Greedo/Boba). Also, since ROLO is the lead, be careful of the mass debuffs since they will give the opposing team a lot of turn meter. If you’re having trouble, try getting Greedo to at least G10 if you can before the event ends. He’s worth gearing up, and if you’re playing the RNG game he can make or break a win with his multi-hit.
  • Cheers mate yeah gonna try and get greedo higher level first and hopefully get lucky thanks
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