Go ahead, look at what I have-I'm giving up for the time being.

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By the time I can even get rid of Chewies protection most everyone is dead.



  • Try Bossk lead, Boba, Dengar, Greedo, and Cad Bane. Take out R2 then Chewie the Han. Use Greedo's basic a lot, and avoid using AOEs.
  • EricsonX
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    I've been trying for about 3 hours between last night and today.
  • The squad I recommended worked for me on the second try.
  • The type of mods you use seems to be alright, but you're speed is awfully low. 200+ on all hunters.
    The team suggested above by InsaneTigerCrane is good enough for the event. You might want to try different kill orders to see which works best.
    Some people would stone me, but from T5 onwards I always targetted Lando first and finished all tiers very soon. All my hunters were G12 though, but that's not neccessarily a criteria.
  • Richfxxx
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    I used zbossk, Zboba, dengar, ig88 all g12 and greedo g11

    Took 4 attempts
  • If I had the wonderous mods that gave all these tons of speed-I'd be using them. But I don't. :(
  • Sentia
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    If I had the wonderous mods that gave all these tons of speed-I'd be using them. But I don't. :(

    Sorry to say this but your comment is accurate, your mods have low or no speed secondaries. Even your arena team's mods are terrible. You have all the right characters, but if they can't ever take a turn you can't win.
  • Well, that's the other half of the RNG. I could roll mods for the rest of the year and never get ones that good enough. My point is that you shouldn't need top gear+top mods+praying to the gods for perfect RNG. Two out of three, fine, all three...no.
  • Sentia
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    You don't need all +20-25 speed secondaries, but if you had at least +10 speed secondaries on most of the mods it could be doable with RNG.

    My general Mod guide:
    21+ Top Tier
    16-20 still worthy of arena and slicing to 6e
    11-15 okay for B teams on TW/GA squads
    6-10 might be okay for this event if you have enough
    0-5 not really useful (this is where the majority of your mods are)
  • Any pointers for me?
  • Sentia
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    Any pointers for me?

    You have the mods for this event, however with out Bossk and Dengar at 7star your going to have amassive challenge with the RNG of this event.

    Bossk Zeta lead will keep your team alive while Dengar will block the R2 smokescreen from working when he is stealthed. It is possible but you will need a lot of luck, especially for Greedo, if he can get a few multi attacks going its possible though.
  • I've tried so many times. I think I'll have to keep farming Dengar for next time
  • It is crazy that that 1 ability of Dengar is so important.
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