Changes (and Additional Changes) Coming in the Next Update [MEGA]


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  • Grimstoned wrote: »
    A lot of people in my guild are moving on to that other game.... it’s sad but it’s happening people.

    What other game? Also... what's up dude!
  • The release cadence is ridiculous anyways, if you don't spend a bunch of money you'll be 4-5 months behind on a single make or break character. This game has gotten way out of hand on the P2W scale. It's a specific greed lust company at the helm anyways, so you kinda expect that. Even their console games... c'mon.
    Still waiting on that edit forum profile setting so I can change my name...
  • Agree.
  • Any idea of “when” this is happening? I need 10 days of Node refreshing to reach requirements for 7 star MFalc. if it’s next couple of days I should just settle for 6 I guess??
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