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    Omg......keep complaining like this and they will never give us temporary boosts again.....just be glad they were nice enough to let us have 8 attempts for as long as they did

    No. Complaints are feedback. 8 attempts is great. 8 attempts are on par with single hard node farming.
  • Legend91
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    1) People are sitting on 50k+++ SIMs so what's the point of having thme in the game? I say we cut off all SIM drops so at some point we need to buy them at 25 crystals again to SIM our battles.
    2) GW being SIMable lowers the SWGoH playtime. We cannot allow that so remove the SIM option for GW again and make all 12 nodes JKR nodes to maximize the time you need to clear it (oh and screw the new players ofc).
    3) People are getting too many credits so a lot of people are just throwing them into mods from the mod store. To create a bottleneck again we need to increase cost for moving mods and need to remove the credit heist.
    4) People are getting too much gear from converting shards into shard shop currency and then buying gear. We need to get rid of the shard store or drastically increase the item costs...actually..nah...get rid of it.
    5) People are getting too many zeta mats so remove the zeta mats from fleet store so people need to pray to RNGesus again to get their zetas from the fleet challenges.
    6) People get too many crystals from arenas. Replace the crystal rewards from fleet arena with some credits.
    7) "Unlimited" attempts at the cantina battles doesn't follow the new policy. Needs to be changed to 5 battles and node refreshs at the usual costs.
    8) Nerf JKA.
    9) There are too many worthy mods showing up in the mod store. We need to reduce the overall rarity outcome and include 1-3* mods to the pool (and make health mods more likely to appear).
    10) Too many raids. Make it 1 raid (of each type) per week. Excessive raid tickets are going to be converted int....are going to be wasted. Deal with it.

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  • This is an utter joke, end of.

    It takes ages to farm anyway. Why extend it? Utter greed
  • Ethsh_Camon
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    Calbear949 wrote: »
    Kokie wrote: »
    Kokie wrote: »
    Omg......keep complaining like this and they will never give us temporary boosts again.....just be glad they were nice enough to let us have 8 attempts for as long as they did

    The problem is that the game has expanded significantly since they did that first boost. There is so much to farm, so much going on in the game that we need a way to farm those hard characters quickly

    They have altered the terms of the deal....pray they dont alter ot further back to the normal 3 attempts per node

    They've already altered the original deal when the game expanded once before by changing it from 3 to 5, so why can't they do it again?

    problem is that the number of characters to be farmed has increased so you cannot afford to wait 6 months to farm a single character anymore.

    It's a pure push for people to pay the 25 crystals.

    you missed part of the conversation, I am saying 8 battles is necessary now. we're saying basically the same thing lol
  • Mr_Sausage wrote: »

    Ren and Stimpy! Fabulous. Thank your lightening up the mood.
  • With so many characters being added to hard nodes and it already taking so long this isn't what the game needs or the players want
  • This is a slap in the face followed by a swift kick to the low two. Just a bad look on you CG, you are all about the money with this move! 5x6mbgjvu0ul.jpg
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Coming soon to a phone near you, Star Wars: Galaxy of No Heroes Online!
    Collect shards of your favorite toons and in 6 month to a year, you might actually be able to enjoy playing them! (Unless we alter the deal again...)
  • Drewbee
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    Not that our feedback is even useful, but this is a horrendous idea. Hopefully, you're just throwing this out there to gauge the reaction and aren't actually considering this.
  • I feel dumber for having read all of that.
  • Nerf Jedi knight Anakin?
  • 8 attempts have been great. The frustrating part is that it’s nearly impossible to back-farm in this game. I’ve been wanting to farm Imperial Troopers for months... but with the release cadence of other things and needing crystal income to stay on top of arenas, it’s not possible to farm stuff that isn’t currently being released. I finally thought I’d get some respite after finishing up farming for Revan... nope. This April Fool’s day joke is a few days late...
  • Legend91
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    Nerf Jedi knight Anakin?

    He's OP.
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  • KotasMilitia
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    This is quite disappointing. I had spent a bit on this game to get DR because I was close to finishing the long farms of the OR characters. Now that I won't be close to finishing for other legendaries/journies that are released, I will most certainly not be spending any money to make up the difference. Honestly, it just makes it easier for me to never spend money on this game. With less attempts, there is less motivation to "collect" all the characters as it would take an unreasonable amount of time to do so (it was already going to take a long time with 8).

    Maybe this is a sign that no more legendaries will be released. Maybe it means that the various stores will finally be updated. Who knows. On the surface though, it just makes me sigh and shake my head in disappointment.
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    Disappointed Yoda is disappointed

    Despondent Yoda agrees
  • DocDoom
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    If you try really, really hard, you can sort of see this as a possible sign that they are going to slow down introducing new characters, and use this to make it slower/harder to farm up the ones that are already out so you don't catch up too fast.

    And, if wishes were horses...
  • .... so I can expect to unlock Darth Revan at his 3rd iteration, instead of the 2nd..... you hate us...
  • Stenun
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    So hang on ...
    You introduce Stupid Rules in Territory War on the logic that it will encourage people to acquire and use these lesser used factions. You then make it harder to acquire these lesser used factions in the first place.
    I'm not seeing a logical progression here. Either you want us to acquire characters other than the current meta or you don't. Which is it?
  • StarSon
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    Y'all are a little dramatic. I'm not thrilled by the change, but they did tell us it was temporary. Honestly lasted longer than I expected. So long as they don't go back to 3 it'll be fine.
  • Tezza23
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    I honestly thought this was a sarcastic rant, but to sum it up this game is kind of crappy and so you won’t to make it more crappy so it doesn’t seem as crappy?
  • I dont usually comment , but im really tired of this , i think it my first post ever on this , lately i was gettin less and less interested , been working all my energy on the faucons requirement , spending what i make wisely and now seeing they want to twist my arms by making it even more hard for a free to play players is digusting .
  • Monel
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    Veserion1 wrote: »
    The game is on a downward spiral.

    Gap between new and old players is so much that it's already impossible to catch up.The rollback to 5 attempts is like a nail in their coffin

    As I started typing to agree with I actually changed my mind, lol. My initial thought was "yeah, I want to grind more of Juhani, why cant I grind what I want?" That changed to well technically I can, but a higher cost(which stinks). But the good news is as a newish player I need so many characters it's not really going to make a huge difference, just not as able to focus.

    My original account on the other hand only has 2 hard farms left and I ship node farm. I will feel the pinch on this account far more than my just for fun new account.

    Either way it's a junk move on their part.
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    Lio wrote: »
    Disappointed Yoda is disappointed

    Despondent Yoda agrees

    THAT'S the one I was trying to upload but I'm kinda dumb. Thanks for the assist, mate!
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