Add Confirm Button To Store Data Cards

I’m writing this to share my experience with my mishap. A few days ago as I was buying bronzium packs I accidentally bought a Fleet Pack x4 and reached out to CG to see about getting a reimbursement. Upon receiving a call from their help center I was dismayed to learn that they were only willing to refund me 100 crystals. Considering this was the first time in 3 years I’ve ever done this I was angered that they weren’t willing to refund me more.

The kicker is that once I asked to speak to a floor manager the representative on the phone lied to me stating that there was no manager on site. After a few minutes of discussing options he put me on hold and returned to tell me his floor manager was going to talk to me......First lie. After talking to the floor manager he insisted I only can get 100 crystals back and that if I would’ve instead accidentally bought crystals he could refund the purchase. I then stated that since I did buy crystals and accidentally spent them on the wrong thing to go ahead and give me a refund. The floor manager then said he couldn’t do that either. Second lie....

Long story short if you’re going to persist and lie the least you could do is add a confirm button to ALL crystal purchases. The sad thing is that if you want to sim a challenge mission they actually ask you if you want to confirm the selection. If I had to assume this is intentional since I highly doubt I’m the only person with this experience.


  • But you have to click twice in order to buy it. You click once on fleet data cards, and then click again on the buy button.
  • They can still put a confirm in the middle of the screen. I only tapped it once so I don’t know with the way the card was positioned it registered as two clicks but I only tapped once.
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