Why no Logray?

Anyone else getting this? It seems in the past week Logray has dropped off the face of the earth. I've only seen him pop up once in the store over the past 7 days! I consistently keep 1350 guild currency so I don't miss any opportunities and he just isn't showing. I have him at 60/65 for 5* and want to get him to 7* for next event but this won't work if he isn't going to show up but ever 3 or 4 days.


  • I am getting the same problem
  • I’ve seen Logray as recently as yesterday. I don’t need to farm him anymore so I don’t really keep track of every time he appears. Don’t worry, you’ll get him!
  • Just bought shards yesterday. And today.. just keep checking.
  • Just grabbed 5 shards in guild shop today. Before reset grabbed 5 popaloo.
  • Not seeing Logray for 4 to 5 days is normal. I have farmed Logray since sometime halfway between 1st and 2nd iteration of c3p0 event, and I am still at 90/100. Logray is just rare so if you want C3p0 badly, prepare a backup plan like I did to unlock at 7* since there just is no guarantee that Logray will be 7* by next event. The event can be done without 7* Logray.
  • Saw him (AND DENGAR) in the store 2 cycles in a row yesterday. After I have both of them maxed.
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  • I swear Logray showed up 2 in a row, then not again for 3 days. This is ridiculous
  • I said the same about Dengar and Jyn. Horrible and frustrating farms but I have them both 7* now. Logray is the same so I did not even try...
    You can get 3PO without him if you have zChirpa, zWicket, zPaploo, Helder and Teebo (all of them G12 off course)
  • Kai_Mulai
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    I’m saving enough guild store currency in reserve to finish Logray so I’m ready when he shows up (I’m close- he’s at 84/100 now)
  • Yeah on one of my accounts I see him every 2-3 days, other account has been over a week. You can tell event is getting close, save your currency for post-event
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