More TB

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I have to complete the task on jedi master quest 3/4:
Earn 100 Stars in Territory Battles

And it s so many weeks i m waiting. A month later i m only at 42/100.

Could we have more TB more often ?
I feel i need another month wait to finish this. And the worst is that i have nothing to do for this except waiting.

They would have written :
wait 2 months
instead would have been same task


  • 4 Mar LSTB
    25 Mar DSTB, 3 weeks later
    15 Apr LSTB, 3 weeks later
    After so many TB 2 weeks apart, what’s with the go-slow?
    As well as “earn 100 TB stars” there’s also “12 TB wins with this character”
    Now feel for the poor sod afflicted with both of these, let alone anyone one awaiting 100 TB stars for Sith Master 3/4 as well - can you imagine having all 3 quests stalled, through no fault of the player?
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