Do I need Dengar?

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I have beaten T6 and cannot beat T7 as my Dengar is not 7star. I have a Zeta Bossk G12, G11 Boba, Gear 10 Jengo then Greedo and Cad at only G8. Without Dengar I cannot stop R2 from stealthing the team. I know I need to take out Chewie first. Any tips and advice? Is dengar a must to finish?

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  • I had a solid team without dengar fhe last time and had no chance (after 200 runs; zBossk G12, zBoba G12, IG 88 G11, Greedo G11, Bane G11). Now with the same team but with dengar (g9) it was pretty easy. In my opinion, yes, you need dengar.
  • ImDeath
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    Yeah after 2000+ attempts and messing with stupid mods this crazy difficult and rng event requires dengar.
  • Same here. Bossk/Embo/Boba are all G12 w/zeta's -- Ig88 and Cad Bane are G11, still no 7star Chewie. Dengar is needed to get past R2's group stealth, but I can't even farm Dengar??
  • Dengar isn't necessary as there are people who have beat it without him. However, he does make it a lot easier and less RNG dependent. If you're trying without him, make sure you have the right mods (potency I think) and be ready to try literally thousands of times possibly.
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    Same here. Bossk/Embo/Boba are all G12 w/zeta's -- Ig88 and Cad Bane are G11, still no 7star Chewie. Dengar is needed to get past R2's group stealth, but I can't even farm Dengar??

    Dengar is available periodically in the guild store. Always keep enough guild tokens on hand to buy a pack and check after all refreshes.
  • Vendi1983
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    No Dengar:

    G12 zBossk (only zeta on the whole team) & Boba
    G11 Cad & Jango
    G9 Greedo

    Speeds nothing fancy. +60-75 on each. The mods themselves made the difference.
  • NicWester
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    It's like any other legendary event--you can do it with any roster, provided you have enough gear and mods on your five characters. But every "correct" character, so to speak, lowers the gear and mod requirements a little more.

    Bossk drops the requirements a good amount (extra tenacity, some healing via debuffs, a taunt, a stun, etc), Dengar drops it even more (a stun, lots of detonators, shuts down stealth, etc).
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  • What kind of mods are you running? I found crit avoidance arrows worked better than speed believe it or not (and this was on three different accounts with varying levels of gear, but all had Dengar in them)
  • I've been reading all sorts of advice (and I'm currently trying to switch around and splice better mods on my Bounty Hunters). I think it is Potency mods w/Boba Fett lead, and health/protection w/Bossk lead (and the best speed you can obtain -- although you will never 'go first'). Been having best success with Bossk so far. To me it doesn't feel 'just like all other legendary events' possibly because I haven't succeeded. I have pretty strong bounty hunters... I'm just missing 'Dengar'. I can only see two ways to deal with R2's group stealth: 1) Lucky RNG, Stun R2 enough to kill Chewie & 2) Deny group stealth with Dengar, kill Chewie. I'm not saying it's impossible, as I've only tried #1 a few hundred times. But I highly doubt any team can do it.
  • Vendi1983
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    My mod set up:

    Bossk - speed/defence, 80k protection prior to lead bonus
    Boba - CD/CC, protection circle, offense cross, CD triangle
    Jango - speed/Potency, protection circle and cross, CD triangle
    Cad - CD/CC, protection circle, potency cross, CD triangle
    Greedo - CC/CC/Health, protection circle, potency cross, CC triangle.

    Greedo's mods didn't matter. He was dead off the opening. My ideal opening. Stun/dead with the other four alive.

    No Dengar, the protection circles and crosses make a huge difference under a Bossk lead.
  • Thanks Vendi! I got 'im! Your strategy worked! Tho it didn't happen easily (I retreated, and exited the fight so many times -- mostly waiting for a moment where R2 didn't apply group stealth -- and to be clear, he would group stealth 20 or 30 times before I'd get a good shot at the encounter). And the 2nd time I got Chewie down... I won the whole fight.

    In the end, it wasn't fun... it was all about the chars, the mods... and my persistence.
  • Yeah not a fun event IMHO, I only got 6* and will ensure my Mods, Gear are ready next time and will get Dengar to 7*
  • KKatarn
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    Dengar makes it easier. Thanks to him that my Greedo was able to target Chewie and hit the furball 6 times which allowed Boba Fett to kill him on my next attack. It was still a lot of tries before this lucky event since i don't have Bossk 7*.
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