Additional Changes in the Next Update

Hi Holotable Heroes,

There are a couple more changes we wanted to announce in advance of the next update.

First off, Gear XII salvage is now farmable from Light Side Battles Stage 9 and Dark Side Battles Stage 9 in the upcoming update. This helps you get some of those G12 pieces more regularly and finish off those that are missing a couple bits of salvage instead of having to wait for that next raid.

We will also be reducing the Rebel Officer Leia Organa and Imperial Probe Droid Shards earned in Territory Battles from 2 to 1 as Territory Battles will be more consistent and predictable with the update. We recently announced that no more new marquee characters will be added to the map, alongside fixed platoon requirements that will not change between events. Read more about those changes here.

Stay tuned to the forums for the patch notes coming later this week!
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