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  • Oh stop all the doom and gloom. The games fine. We’ll get some new Insanely tough PvE content in the near future and life will be good again.

    What content is that?
  • Draeth
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    Let me make sure I understand this correctly.

    This character requires ten (10) g12 or g11+zeta'd characters - half of which are mediocre - to unlock the privilege of then buying another 185 shards from the Guild Event Store, the most difficult and time consuming currency in the game to get?

    You know it's April 10th, not April 1st, right?

    I will ask for the third time this week - is CG TRYING to get everyone who isn't a 3-year whale to quit? Because you're doing a fabulous job of looking like it.
  • Stenun
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    I don't think this is that bad. There needs to be characters or other content that people will spend on. I got Revan for free; that's not good for CG, is it?
    Malak is a way to try and make sure the game can still make money.

    I'm sorry a lot of you won't be getting Darth Malak this time. But if it keeps the game going then I'm OK with that.

    I think the bigger problem is the recent announced changes to make it slower for everyone to farm new characters.
  • It was really fun figuring out how to beat these difficult events with under-geared characters. It's a part of the game a lot really enjoyed. You have figured out a way around that and I suspect this won't be the last time.

    I agree. I managed to get Chewie with a g12 Bossk and an otherwise undergeared squad that didn't meet the recommended gear level. But many people who tried to do the same complained that the event was too hard and RNG-heavy. Now they're making the recommendation a requirement. The event itself will probably be easy as pie, much like the JKR event. We can't have it both ways I guess.

  • I think a lot of people who were running and KR and then DSR will be in good shape. The DSR event was tough enough for people to get toons to higher levels.

    zetas and mods will take one over the 17,500 threshold.
  • Ultra wrote: »
    Sawdust wrote: »
    Hey, I'm a new player. Should I invest in KOTOR?
    There is no other faction in this game

    I know Ultra. I was attempting to make a super, super sad joke.

  • Malak’s kit is insane. He is an unkillable tank that just destroys everything. He has more survivability than Jolee.
  • Sawdust wrote: »
    Hey, I'm a new player. Should I invest in KOTOR?

    if you want to lose your house yes
  • Nihion
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    LE_DUC wrote: »
    Soooo we get a p2w event for the Star Wars Celebration ? Bravo EA, bravo....
    Nice gift to the fans....

    Why do you deserve Malak if you’re not going to pay?
  • @CG_Leviathan I see you are answering questions. There are JKR and 5 possible character and DR and 5 possible characters, do you need all 10 of those characters above 17,500 to attempt the event or is this like other events with restrictions and larger pools of characters then you can use and you will be able to choose from all the characters above 17500 but you need at least 4 for each event?

    This an important distinction. If it is all 10 I am out. If it is needing 4 for each event I will at least gear up the two I need to to attempt it.
  • p7ww3ubwhu35.png
    post of half kit on reddit
  • I’m sad I will need to waste gear on toons I hate.
  • grey_poonda
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    Yeah I got G12 Cancerous sitting at 17256 gp.. If I slapped on the "Gooooold" mods, it'll get me there.

    Edit. I think the DS version will be tougher due to the weaker synergy between the Light and Dark. I am 5/5 ready for LS and 3/5 for DS. Good luck holotable heroes!
  • Prosser wrote: »
    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    This is a completely new event type and will be more complicated and difficult than any event we’ve run before.

    This should read as "will have a higher paywall then any event we've run before."

    Yup. Bend over and open your wallets or no malak for you. And that’s how they treat people who most likely spent money on the game at somepoint

    Consider the alternative. Do we really want a repeat of this:

  • I wonder because this event is in 2... will they release them separately later?
  • CYG77 wrote: »
    Once again....
    Community: They really need to release characters that we want so bad.
    CG: Cha ching $$$$$$$ You heard em boys.

    Heck I would estimate they are testing as we speak so we will probably get a delay due to an unforeseen issue with the sith raid.

    Like his special one shooting a phase?
  • ShaggyB
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    Wow... thats pretty lame.

    So i can get both revans with no issue.... but i cant have a 5 star malak because i dont have zeta on non arena meta teams
  • Nihion
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    IronCross wrote: »
    I’m sad I will need to waste gear on toons I hate.

    Then... don’t?
  • IronCross wrote: »
    I’m sad I will need to waste gear on toons I hate.

    You probably shouldn't play this game least not try to catch the meta.
  • Oh stop all the doom and gloom. The games fine. We’ll get some new Insanely tough PvE content in the near future and life will be good again.

    What content is that?

    A year ago we got Sith Rad (PvE)
    6 months ago Grand arena (PvP)
    Very soon ??????? (PvE)

    My guess is Raid or new Territory Battles Map. It could be something completely unexpected... but it’s coming probably with new gear or level increase.
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  • Gannon
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    MistaLeahy wrote: »
    post of half kit on reddit

    Lol if that's his kit for real, I'm done playing arena of any form. The revan garbage was bad enough, but that's just broken
  • Cool, I’ll just go ahead and skip arena now because there is no chance I’m going to rank anymore.
  • Nihion wrote: »
    You should do a survey to see how many people play this game to win in arena. Hint: Everyone outside of the top 200 doesn’t care that much. Most people play the game because it’s fun, not because they need the honor and glory of first in arena. And the whales will keep paying for their game as long as OP characters (such as Malak) continue to be added.

    I think most people participate in the arena to gain rewards to advance their characters. Those that don't play it much, probably don't buy a lot of packs if any. So I think you missed the point of the post. If you lock the "middle class" out of the arena with this crazy scheme, then I don't believe they're going to buy the occasional things they do. My point being that if the Capital games/EA is fine with losing that chunk of revenue, then it seems reasonable that's because it's not going to be around that much longer. Because otherwise, in my experience companies try to keep multiple revenue streams open.

    Agreed. I spent money for Darth Revan but this move definitely has discouraged me from ever spending again. I had never whales out on a toon until DR...but I’ve learned my lesson. I’m cool now just finishing top 50. No need to pursue #1 when they keep moving the goalposts in very dramatic ways.
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