Jongo Phett

After this darth cashmalak was announced, people rage quitting, and ea's insensible craving for money, I decided to try and liven things up here by showing you guys a little somethin that will liven up your day...

Until you go back to the game and see that balded insideous face staring back at you... Cha ching!

This guy is my favorite, he makes games akward lemon glitches into lemomemes, and hopefully he makes you laugh too, and maybe consider not sticking your device under a train and reconsider your 500$ wasted life savings.

Aaaaaand heres a guy who does pretty good memes, you should watch him too.

Peace out folks! And prepare to hash out the cash on this bank account deal!

Im done.

Get good and get a Revan. Ryanwhales


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