Can we have a Han filter in character selection?

I meam there are only 3 Tusken chatacters and they get their own filter.

Yes I know they come up under scoundrels but there are 30 of them to go through

It's time!


  • Lol I was actually thinking about that earlier. Hilarious
  • MagicMatthews99
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    edited April 12
    Searching for Han also comes up with both Bastila Shans though. He wants to view his collection of just Hans.
  • Aydnie
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    Add a real Han synergy
  • Krjstoff wrote: »
    Word search: Han

    Done. FTFY.

    But then you get both sHANs and juHANi
  • You can narrow it down to just Hans by adding a space before or after Han. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to get all five - a space before Han gives you STHan, but not Han Solo (raid), and a space after Han cuts out STHan. Really, STHan is to blame. He's never made much sense as a character anyway.
  • Aydnie wrote: »
    Add a real Han synergy

    Yeah. Make Raid Han have a leader that only effects Hans.
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