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I know you guys at CG don't see these post, or reply, or probably care, but the forum is here for us fans and players to discuss things.

I try to be optimistic with every change and think of an outcome where it really won't be as bad as it is being made to seem. I try to ignore the fact that someone can start tomorrow and as long as their pockets are deep they can get an insane roster in a couple months compared to a couple of years. I understand you need revenue and you need to keep dangling the bait for the whales. I understand all of that.

What I fail to understand is how the folks that have been playing this game for so long are so often ignored. We may not have super deep pockets, but what we do have is commitment and dedication to the game. We long in everyday and do all we can to stay competitive. Often times we get super frustrated but we keep grinding. We love the game, the lore, and the community after all. But sometimes enough is enough and there has to be a point when we have to stay STOP.

I do not have an insane amount of expendable resources. I do not have the best of the best rosters. But I do remain competitive (top 100 arena, top 50 fleet). And that was helping me stay a float, get enough crystals to do the refreshes everyday and keep up with Jones's. It has gotten a lot harder to do that as the meta has continued to shift, but fortunately the wonderful minds that play this game have found ways to beat these teams and stay competitive.

I had been farming for falcon way before it was announced that it was coming back. I was on track to get my needed ships to 5 stars a day before the event ended and I was so stinking happy about that. I was spending 150 crystals on energy refreshes, and 150 on node refreshes but I was getting results. I was averaging 6-8 drops a day of both of the ships I needed.

Then came the update, the one everyone pleaded that you don't do. The one that so many folks tried to argue both sides for. All of the reason why it was or wasn't a good idea. I never thought it was a good idea, so I signed the petition like a lot of people did. But then last night, it hit all of our devices. And I had done a node refresh earlier in the day knowing I was going to get some more energy so I could finish it off later (I do this all the time).... but when the update came, my refresh was gone. Attempts were reset and the refresh I bought (50 crystals) was re-activated... but I wasn't refunded for the crystals I spent on that refresh earlier in the day. But I just ignored it because it wasn't/isn't a big deal because its only for 5 refreshes which may seem like not a big deal... but after today I realize, it really is.

This morning I did my normal routine, I bought all available energy refreshes (150 crystals). I then went to my ships and started my sims (5, refresh 25 crystals - 5 sims, refresh 50 - 5 sims)... I did those for both ships.... and my drop rate of 6-8 turned into 1-2. Less than half, at this rate I will not be able to finish my farm in time. I was on pace to finish it, but because of the update and changes to the drop rate, it is going to take me roughly a month compared to 6 days. This one really hurts because I didn't chase meta, I didn't go for the revans. I just really wanted the falcon, and now my chances are way to slim.
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  • Think I'm quitting. Made it too hard for F2P players now.
  • Heck I am not even 100% F2P, I spend when I can but unless you have deep pockets, good luck.
  • $$$
  • Drop rates have not changed.

    See ya.
  • Kozey wrote: »
    Drop rates have not changed.

    See ya.

    How’s that? Yesterday my combined drops for 2 nodes were 14-16 average over a month. Today? 2 drops.... and I have tried multiple nodes through out the today and shards aren’t dropping. Their system is based off of a fixed %, 1% of 10 is greater than 1% of 5.
  • Jeffers wrote: »
    Think I'm quitting. Made it too hard for F2P players now.

    Don't quit. Join a casual guild like We Might be Giants
  • The drop rates of toons from hard nodes are 1 to 3. That didn't change. What changed is the nr. of available tries until you can refresh. From 8 to 5.
    But yeah that really sucks. What sucks even more though is making a new 90% meta with Malek. I don't think that this game is going to survive if they continue to hit the ftp players that hard.
  • The concept of F2P Flies in the face of common Sense with the amount of releases and events. Every 2 weeks and each month there's a new toon, new ship, toon rework, new gear/ mod, new meta-toon rework, argh... Too much! Us F2P guys end up chasing the car every time it goes by instead of a solid focus. Enough already. Slow the "F" down. Pump the brakes. Sometimes too much is just too much!
  • And where I'm from, you call a spade a spade: or in this case- A Whale. There was no whining from me, Sir... It's called an opinion of the Dev's and how they have taken a game that was for all and created a Whale-driven model. Most F2P members are really nickel and dime'ers who spend $5 to $10 here and there as they see fit or in the he case of kids, as their parents let them.. These people keep a game running long term. Whales? Spend big $$$ short term, play a short time because nothing was earned and move on to the next "hot"game. Game dev's try to keep their interest and $$$ with new and exciting gaming additions that cost more $$$ to bleed the whale while alienating the hardcore fan, gamer, longtime grinder, and frustrating the crap out of parents who end up cutting the $$ string on a kids line. This is NOT WHINING, this is simple business common sense. And, sure the dev's aren't reading it, but at least one Whale has been educated on the downfall on SWGoH.
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    Here’s some solid advice......screw arena and don’t even worry about it anymore...now enjoy the game! This game is a lot more than just arena, after everything EA has done the past decade STOP GIVING THEM MONEY!!!!
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