My Reaction to Hard Nodes

I dislike the change.

I'm currently at 2.1 million GP. I spend fairly frequently. I use crystals to refresh energy and hard nodes.

With the reduction from 8 to 5 I'm spreading out my energy to the different hard nodes instead of refreshing one over and over. To me it was worth spending the crystals to get the energy and refresh the nodes when it was set to 8.

I saw the bundles for the gear and was very tempted to buy them, but the change to the hard nodes swayed my decision. Since I'm not spending crystals on the energy and refreshes, that's also going to reduce my spending on crystals.

I don't really use these forums but wanted to share my feedback.


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    They don't care.
    They are deleting 17500*8 and 8-3 threads in 24/7 regime.
    Guess that's how a constructive approach to criticism looks like for CG/EA.

    [UPD] Wow, weird. They've brought mine back.
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