Diversity is our.......... weakness???

Undoubtedly diversity in choices is a good thing, however I'm very troubled by these event that have insane difficulty and requirements because they force the entire player base to work on the exact same characters. The way things are headed everyone's account begins to look identical, every time I check other players accounts I frequently feel like I'm watching a photocopy of my own account. Same focuses by the entire community. Everyone's BH look almost the same, everyone's FO same, Resistance, Rebels, Jedi, Sith, same. Now everyone's old republic tab will also look exactly the same because who wouldn't start working on these characters? A few months down the road our accounts will be so similar that you'll swap accounts with other players and you won't be seeing the difference. (Yeah I know this is an exaggeration, but I'm proving a point).


  • sad but true
    changing from 8 back to 5 fights per hard node brings player not to farm toons but farm gear... to fullfill insane requirenments but not to farm toons not meta right now
  • Juzz
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    I am not forced to work in the same characters as others.
    I may or may not follow the thing ppl call meta. It is my choice and thus I didn't farm / buy GG minions nor DR team.
    I used these last month's developing gear for many of my chars to help in TW and trying to get past the 20s on ships which I have accomplished.
  • What a joke. I left a reply but it’s deletes? kyno you’re a joke you can’t elete a post but you can’t respond? If anyone doesn’t agree with exactly what you think they’re deleted? If they say anything about EA they’re deleted? Or is it that if someone calls you guys out on creating bogus events to cater to whales it gets deleted? We’re all free to speak freely as long as we agree with EA. OP the reason the events are like this and the amount of turns are reduced is they want people to panic and purchase things. The reason this event is like this is because they’re improving some old toons, one thing everyone actually asked them to do. But, they have to make sure the whales are happy so they created an event only they could do. You see, if the whales aren’t happy things change. Read about why they nerfed GG and didn’t go through with the improvements they promised for him. I don’t want to ruin the end, but it’s because the whales complained too many free to play players would have him and compete with Revan, who they want to dominate the meta, because they created new pay walls for him. Oh that’s it, I get deleted because I call you out on catering to whales and those who spend tons on the game lol
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