Commander Luke’s event too hard



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    kdtipa wrote: »
    So here's the advice, get them all to 7*, G8 and at least lv80+.

    Great. Why does the game bother letting a new player even see the event let alone start the fight? I call it bad game design because the only result is that players like me get frustrated.

    It’s not bad game design. You are the only one I’ve ever seen of anyone I’ve ever met to complain about this event. You weren’t prepared. Try again next time. End of discussion.
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    So here's the advice, get them all to 7*, G8 and at least lv80+.

    Great. Why does the game bother letting a new player even see the event let alone start the fight? I call it bad game design because the only result is that players like me get frustrated.

    Letting you see the event lets you know what are the rewards and what mandatory characters you need to complete it. Would you rather they hide it from you until you coincidentally farmed the right characters with the right gear levels?

    Then what do you want? For each day you log in, a random character gets unlocked?

    There's a difference between a newbie who's willing to take in advice and a newbie who doesn't and just being in complete denial and wants to blame everything else.

    If you continue down this path of refusing to take advises when you asked for it, at this rate, you'd be creating a post for every single battle you encounter because it's "bad design" apparently.
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    kdtipa wrote: »
    Nihion wrote: »
    The fact that thousands of players have a 7* CLS should make you rethink your strategy. It’s not always about how powerful your characters are, it’s about how you use them.

    The fact that the fight can turn into an infinite loop because that heal is so ridiculous is broken. Stunning him didn’t help. His speed was high enough for that to not matter and he just heals anyway. Obi-wan’s ability block doesn’t recharge fast enough to keep it from happening. The fact that other people got Luke says to me they had much more powerful characters.

    And your response to a guy who’s upset is to tell him he isn’t good enough? Thanks. Real friendly and helpful.

    post swgoh acc so we can help you i have cls waaaay back and it was really easy to play only g11 toon was Leja carried dmg through event or she was G10 sometihng like that i cant really remember.
    Oh sorry just realized you don't have them at 7* at all well stars increase stats, gear, mods pure GP of team is not something to evaluate event is broken or not. G8 is bare minimum for event not recommended gear lvls, you can use g8 but great arena mods on team to pass it that way.
    And tbh there is no f..... point in doing 5-6 stages of event if you cant unlock CLS in 1st place
  • You are in for a treat once you get to the Chewy or C3PO legendaries, if the easiest of the Journey events seems so challenging.

    No, JKR is the easiest Journey. All you need to do is gear up one character. You can beat it even if all your other toons are gear 1, level 1
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    I’ve watched four videos on doing the CLS event... and as many are saying you need gear level 8 or more in general. My question then: why does the event let you try based on stars? I got through the first two fights and have 5 star Luke and Han which is the requirement for the third one. But they get destroyed before I can take down one bad guy. This is more evidence of bad game design. If you have to already have ridiculously powerful and leveled characters to get this other strong character, how does a beginner like me get anywhere in the game.

    It’s noticeable in ships too. To get the good stuff, you have to already have good stuff. The game seems to be balanced as though they don’t care about new players.

    Thank you to the people who responded with useful information. And a sarcastic thank you to the people who gave the advice to get better at the game. Always fun to get insulted by jerks when already upset.

    gear levels>star levels. Remember their abilities too.
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    I get that you’re frustrated.
    Calling it “impossible” is obviously not correct since so many people have the toon.
    Calling it a bad design for allowing you to enter is not really accurate either. People beat events with lower than intended teams all the time, usually through a combination of strategy, luck and brute force (ie dozens - 100s of attempts). The other option is to not let you even try it until you meet the arbitrary “recommended” levels, which you probably don’t actually want.

    At least this way you can get a taste of the event and see how close you are so you don’t work on the weaker toons (farmboy for example) further than absolutely necessary.

    The toon and gear levels that someone posted above (assuming that they are your account) are pretty low for the event, so that’s probably why you are struggling.

    I completed the event a long time ago so I don’t remember the difficulty, but I don’t remember it being incredibly difficult for a well geared team. So it’s very likely that your gear level is the problem, not your strategy.
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    Krjstoff wrote: »
    kdtipa wrote: »
    Great. Why does the game bother letting a new player even see the event let alone start the fight?

    Also, you do realise that CLS unlocks at 7 stars, so you need to do ALL tiers of the event to unlock him, right?

    I hate to play the "git gud"-card, but really, the CLS event is nothing in terms of difficulty (or bad design as you call it). If this event frustrates you, just quit now and save your efforts. When you get a chance at Chewbacce, C3PO, Padme, Darth Revan or Malak, you're going to end up tossing you phone/tablet at a wall.

    Also a good point. These earlier events (like CLS) were more like a star/gear check as once you had the right toons geared up, they were almost “auto”-win.

    The more recent ones added even more difficulty and strategy requirements that can drive you crazy in trying.
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    Given recent difficulty levels, we call an event impossible if and only if it requires having 5 toons that meet the following requirements:
    1. level 85 minimum
    2. gear level 12+ with all 5 slots after G12 filled in
    3. 5 non-arrow mods with at least speed +25, offense +15%, critical damage +15%, critical chance +15%. Of course the arrow is with speed, and the secondaries should ALSO somehow include a speed stat.
    4. all zetas and all omegas maxed

    Everything else these days is labelled as "entry-level easy".
  • After seeing your roster, you really shouldn't be this upset about the event. In order to unlock CLS you need to have all of the required toons at 7*. You currently do not have that, so you wouldn't be able to unlock him anyway. You'll just have to wait for the next time he comes around. Just focus on getting your toons to 7*, and then at least gear level 8, which shouldn't be that difficult. This really is one of, if not the easiest legendary event to complete if you have 7* toons. I don't think other players are trying to mock you, just trying to let you know that if you meet the requirements, it's really not that difficult.. Focus on 7*, the rest will come easy. There are many other events that are far more difficult than this, so buckle up. I've found that not stressing out about toons, and just having fun is the best way to enjoy this GAME.
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