Unstable Batteries Not Working as Intended

It appears that the Territory War ability, Unstable Batteries, is using a very old ability description and the revised text/localization did not get picked up for release. The ability should read:

Unstable Batteries:
Granted to: Droids

Droids deal 100% more damage with attacks not based on Health, but have a 15% chance to be destroyed when damaged by an attack. Droids destroyed this way can't be revived.

Whenever a Droid is destroyed by Unstable Batteries, they deal damage to each enemy equal to 80% of that enemy's Max Health and inflict Burning for 1 turn, which can't be evaded or resisted. This damage can't defeat enemies.

B1 Battle Droid can’t be destroyed by Unstable Batteries, but can still trigger the Max Health damage and inflict Burning for 1 turn when it is damaged by an attack.

We've had a number of issues with the text/localization in this recent release (getting the right Bastila text description out for example) and we're sorry for the confusion that it's caused. We'll be evaluating our processes around text/localization on Monday. Again, our apologies.
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