need advice: phase1 JTR team (with Finn, C3PO, BB8, R2D2)

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hopefully someone can point to better results with my team, as I ‚only‘ do around 6.5-7mio in Raid VI. The results will most likely be worse in hSTR.

As my guild approaches heroic, I want to contribute as much as possible.


248 speed, 186% cd, 3146 damage

193 speed, 186% cd, 2984 damage

260 speed, 216% cd, 67% potency, 2641 damage

269 speed

232 speed, 92% potency

I am able to get Illuminated Destiny before Nihilus takes a turn and I am able to kill off a lot turnmeter with rey‘s lead and special.

What needs to be done to increase the damage ? Or is 7mio in Raid VI a good value ?


  • SebPovic
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    More potency onf C3PO would be good, i am up to 137% for example
  • Finn (and Rey) should both be at 216% CD (CD set and triangle), your offense numbers aren’t bad for them.

    The entire team (except C3P0, he just needs speed and potency) needs to be aiming for 60% or better crit chance (so the additional 30% from Rey lead and 10% from R2 has everyone at 100% crit chance even without Illuminated Destiny bonuse) to maximize your chances at Exposing from the leadership.
  • Otsego
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    went up from 6.5-7mio to 8.3mio after doing lots of remodding, C3PO is at 105% potency now (with 238 speed) thanks for the help. I feel like having reached my (current) limit.
  • jkray622
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    The biggest things for me:
    1) Modding Finn for max CD, and speed, with as much offense as could be spared after that.
    2) Learning when to use C3PO special on Nihilus (for me - not often).
    3) Calling C3PO to assist with RJT's second special.

    The biggest chain in this squad is to alternate between RJT's two specials. If she is calling C3PO to assist, as long as she has 3 stacks of Translation, this will allow her to never use her basic. The cycle is often broken if she uses her basic (for C3PO assist or to assist BB8) and gets a debuff, or if Nihilus attacks RJT twice and strips her translation buffs.
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