Get it together! Some of us want to save our progress!

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You all at EA and Capital Games need to add a way to signin to google play if your under 13 to save your progress. Many of us have a google account on our device that we used to download Heroes, and shouldnt have to be older to sign in. Or maybe you should allow us to contact you and have you link a guest account to our email. Not only that, instead of just blocking ramdom things if were under 13, you should allow parents to choose if they want to use guild chat. Not only that, why wont you let us change our name in game if were under 13? I play SW Commander a lot and i can do all that as someone who is under 13! Is this just your lazyness or an oversight because i am not lossing a years worth of progress because of lazyness! (Capital Games your fine because ive had this same problem on battlefornt with EA)
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