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I am having a bit of trouble on the last tier and from reading other posts I believe I dont have my rebels modded properly. Any advice on good mods for them, specifically sthan, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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  • STHan doesn't need potency. If possible, if you have a Health Set or Protection Set circle with protection primary and good speed secondary and a Health Set or Protection Set arrow with speed primary that will make him more durable and faster, which was the key to me beating the event.
  • Ditto that. Health, protection, defence, anything to keep him alive to do tank stuff. Speed, potency, CD, etc, lesser concerns - put that on Leia and hope for double and triple taps

    My technique for a skin of teeth win with just about toons (gear 8 R2, Luke and Leia, 10 Han; but only abmats to 5 on Han and luke; omega R2 and Leia stealth).

    Rounds 1 and 3 R2 stealth all but Han, Leia restealth, Luke and Leia attack. R2 stun if possible. As stealth drops, R2 burns Gan taunts. Attack and pray. Once taunting STs are dead hit officer in R1 as he can hit hard, and commander in R3 to end the health boost.
    Round 2: preserve specials as much as you can, kill scout first as he's weakest. Stun helps. You're looking to take minimal damage.
  • Thank you for the advice. Moved some mods around and finally got him with Leia left standing with less than a hair width of health left. ✌✌✌
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