Dated content

Hello CG,
Thank you for the road ahead and the recent QoL update, I found some of the features very useful.
It would be great if you continue improving and updating the existing content as some parts are very dated. Some areas to consider.
1- Galactic War: this part was great until I hit level 85 and now it does not represent any challenge! Why not change to a mythic or a week-long journey and consolidate the rewards. Maybe some teams can gain special bonuses. Of course, keep the sim option for people who want to sim.
2- Omega Battles, credit heist and training droids: while the rewards are OKish, but for level 85 the game play it is not. Again, maybe create a challenging version for level 85 to improve game play.
3- Sim tickets: why do they still exist??
4- Daily challenges: game-play (and rewards) are simply not good enough especially when you hit max level and have access to raid gear.
5- Improve the strategy part of the game: most modes are very predictable and RNG dependent.
Thank you :) - I do appreciate all the effort that you put in.


  • I can answer the sim ticket question: Essentially, they don’t exist anymore. It was easier for the devs to code a massive amount of sim tickets as rewards rather than recode the entire sim mechanic on each node. So, essentially, you should never run out, which means they don’t really exist anymore.
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