so much hate the F2P players?

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Why do I ask the question? because about 4 days ago we had 8 attempts at the nodes and you got them down to 5 and not happy with that today or yesterday as the case may be, they publish the mini rework of Malak which cancels the only metagame that all the F2P could use. Emperor Palpatine really hates so much that the F2P? then simply put a price on the game and that's it, and if it is perfectly necessary to generate money to keep the game but there can be a way in which the F2P can be in that business plan without being sacrificed?

Pd1:a and apart you make that also the sith assassin and the sith marauder are useless so that people will waste their time in improving the gear, which good to me does not affect me because I had them up since before because I use them with more spatial propocytes (sith ships)
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