Guild Suggestions From an old cranky man

Hello all,
At Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago I got the pleasure to meet and chat with Crumb. I had thought that I had been fairly active in these forums at one point, but I guess it was probably just me posting on youtube videos, and in my guild discord channels. Anywho, thought I would list the few things he and I had discussed.

Guild Quests: A selection of four goals, (which have a value determined by guild GP) that each week the guild leader can choose from to attain a prize (which is also reflective of GP). I personally think having a separate MVP prize is a cool way to award someone (mind you this would not just be the top goal achiever, but is awarded by guild leaders. For example this week you can choose from:
  • Guild Gear Donations of XXXX
  • Guild Average Arena Placement of XXX
  • Guild Average Fleet Arena Placement of XXX
  • Guild Challenges Completed of XXX
This list would rotate and have maybe 40 variations, hey get the community involved.
Then the MVP could be a full piece of gear or something. If the guild fails, then it's all up to them to either not care, or push each other towards guild goals!

Guild PVE Table "Isn't that Territory Battles?" asked Crumb. No, I said, It would be a table that can be cleared in the guilds time, and each time it's cleared it becomes more difficult. Make it 100 nodes long, don't have specific teams required and if the guild can't succeed then they reset to the last difficulty completed. Give it some fun rewards like giving the guild leader the chance to sub out a character on the guilds store or something.

It was interesting chatting with the gang there at Celebration. Crazy to think I've been playing this game for so long and am still so bad at it. I will say that they were immediately worried that giving a guild leader any special gear to hand out would lead to abuse of that, which I find interesting. I always figured that if your guild leader abused the guild, the guild would likely go elsewhere...

Take care all,

LeonZryan Out

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