Kit Rework: Ahsoka Tano



  • Aydnie wrote: »
    Aydnie wrote: »
    I like this. Ahsoka was even bad for a filler, now she looks like a fine pick for lesser tasks.

    What are you saying ? Ahsoka was one of the best jedis and now she is totally useless without kenobi and anakin, and in the road ahead they say they want to respect past investments...

    Now I will just have to carry 20 000 useless galactic power through all GAs, and my jedi squad doesnt exist anymore

    She lost the heal on the basic but got the ability to clear buffs off the enemy and clense debuffs on herself and another her special still heals but can hit more times if with anakin/gk probably will hit just as hard so only a buff and dont forget the 20% protection up also now. Her unique is way better now she gets guaranteed buffs and are higher with crit immunity instead of starting off snd getting crited and loosing the buffs she dosent loose them now so its better yes needs anakin so what mskes since just get ur anakin up and ur good

    Her basic heal was really great. I will really miss that.
    And she is totally useless without anakin, cause she only gets crit immune with anakin on the team

    I gotta admit, as much as I like the new kit, I remember that with her old health recovery and old special made it easier for Jedi to go up against Nightsisters
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