Guild Coup

I founded my guild back when they were first added with the same name as my old SWTOR guild.
Life happened and I passed on leadership to another I "trusted" while I got everything taken care of and returned.
Last night one of the new GM's friends says on discord that he is leaving because he doesn't like me for saying now was not a good time to add a 600 daily requirement.
This morning I've been kicked from the guild and server and blocked by the GM. EA support says they would be happy to reinstate me as GM but since I'm not in the guild currently there's nothing they can do.
Do I have any other options here? Generally I would let it be but there's an attachment to the name and the value it has for me over the last 8 years, as well as just the oddity of being kicked from a guild I created


  • StratosF34r
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    A guild is nothing but just a name filled with letters and a generic symbol without its members.

    I'd say, move on, don't look back. It could be a blessing in disguise. You not liking the new ruling on your guild is your own prerogative, not everyone is able to commit to that. Just go find another casual guild that suits your need.

    I once was called a cheater by my previous guild leader for being able to solo the hrancor raid whilst everyone else couldn't. I told them about the zVader thing (back when zVader was the only way) but still accused me anyways. I left, I propelled forward in my new and current guild and am now ahead of my previous leader despite being behind him by nearly 1mil GP. Yeah, I'm still tracking this guy. 😁
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