Has anyone seen...

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...the new EP9 trailer? Malak comes out of nowhere into the wrong era and lays the smackdown on palpatines newly animated corpse. but palpatine laughs it off. malak gets the last laugh though when he calls for backup.

darth revan comes in with hk and takes a big number 2 on Luke's newly animated corpse.

and then? and then, bastilla comes to rescue luke but changes her mind halfway and joins revan to produce One Girl One Boy One Robot and Luke's Mouth. Instant classic.

anakin and ashoka arrive but they are way,way, way way way too late for the party so noone cares.

then at the very end we hear an evil cackle and a familiar shadow. it turns and faces the camera and it has money signs for eyes. and then the trailer ends abruptly to the sound of "EA Sports. It's in the game"

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