German Translation needs a fix for Bounty Hunter Questlines

I dunno if this is the right Forum, so here we go...

Today i discovered, or better, a guild mate told me, that i've been reading the Questline for the Bounty Hunters wrong...

In Game it says:
"Heldenjäger. Erledige Boba Fetts Auftrag 500 mal"

What it tells me? I have to fullfill the Boba Fett contract 500 times. But thats not the case. You can use any Contract from any Bounty Hunter. You don't need to put Boba in Lead position to get those 500.

So the Description should be more like:
"Heldenjäger: Erfülle 500 mal einen Kopfgeldjäger Auftrag"

Why i found that out so late? The next BH Quest is a Greedo 500 ... but doing that with Greedo Lead in the Galactic War would take ages, because the opponent would be killed before the contract is fullfilled.

So please be so kind and pass that to the translation team.

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