Gear drop rate

So i was farming for 2 blue gear parts to fill in for an upgrade. Just needed 2 of them. I ended up using around 30 runs for it (without using tickets), forced to buy a recharge. For about 10 runs in a row I didn't even get any gear. That's awfully unlucky I must say...
On the other hand, a couple of days ago I farmed purple gear, and needed 8 of them. I was at 100 energy and had some tickets left, so I gave it a try.
I got all 8 purples in a row using tickets. Unbelievably lucky.

A bit weird and unbalanced. Or just lucky/unlucky. I don't know.


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    It does seem sometimes that sim tickets do have better drop rates but I haven't run the numbers. Might just be psychological?
    Playing through nets you twice the Bronzium tokens so I tend not to use the tickets that much.
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