Geonosis TB Hero characters

I wonder who the hero characters for the new Territory Battle will be? Most the the Republic Jedi we have in game were there. But the clones we have weren’t. At least no in that armor. (Except Sarge) what do you guys think?


  • Ki-Adi-Mundi or Padme would be my guess.
  • Padme is my guess as well
  • kalidor
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    The existing ones have had 3 existing characters and 2 new ones as heroes (at least until LSTB removed Capt Han as one). So I'm thinking Anakin and GK, and one of Cody, GMY or Mace, and Padme as one of the new heroes for the map. I'm hoping the other is a clone that really pumps up clone teams, like Starck did for troopers. Be nice to have a 6th clone so that Rex could be used elsewhere.
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  • Eeth Koth and Kit Fisto will be like the Hoth Bros. That or CUP and JKG.
  • Eeth Koth and Kit Fisto will be like the Hoth Bros. That or CUP and JKG.

    Yikes. Hoth bros didn’t receive any type of touch up or rework and just had the bonuses applied from the event bonuses.

    I’m scared to think of how difficult this new content will be and to receive no touch ups for those toons.

    For many of the older players - stars won’t be the issue. Gear is always the issue but abilities and squads will be in the spotlight now. Atleast that is my best guess.

    With LSTB and dstb you wanted to expand your roster for gp. With GA that hindered you. I wonder how this will affect us going forward with a new Tb.
  • For dark: dwarf spider droid or commando droid
    For light: gree or a random clone trooper
    This is... SPARTAAAAAAA
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    Padme is an obvious legendary event
    This is... SPARTAAAAAAA
  • light side: padawan anakin, padme and a clone
    dark side: a bug, bug queen and a droid
  • It's Padme.
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