My humble Mace Windu rework

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Although his rework is probably already done and being tested, thought I’d have some fun with my own version of Mace Windu. He was a very unique and powerful duelist, so my design kit will reflect that - he will be the only character with zero cooldown on all his special abilities, he will inflict a unique debuff, and his leadership will grant a unique buff to all GR allies. Check it out:

Mace Windu

Light Side, Jedi, Galactic Republic, Attacker, Fleet Commander

Basic: Invincible Assault - Deal both Physical Damage and Special Damage to target enemy. This attack does +100% damage.

Special: Smite - dispel all buffs on target enemy and inflict Buff Immunity for two turns . Gain Offense Up, Critical Damage Up, and Advantage for one turn, then deal physical damage to target enemy.

Special: Shatterpoint - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy. If that enemy had 50% health or less, this attack does massive damage, and can not be evaded. If this attack does not do massive damage, inflict Stagger, Expose, and Susceptibility for two turns.
Susceptibility - every attack suffered by this unit is guaranteed to be a critical hit

Leadership: Embassador of the Galactic Republic - GR allies gain 30% offense, 30% defense, and 30 speed.

Zeta Upgrade - Galactic Republic allies start each encounter with Valor for four turns, which can not be copied, dispelled, or prevented. Allies with Valor recover 1% health and 1% protection at the start of each turn for each ally with Valor.
Valor - this unit’s attacks can not be countered or evaded, and this unit has + 100% counter chance

Unique: Vaapad (Zeta) - Mace Windu’s specials are set to a cooldown of Zero, and he is immune to cooldown increase and ability block.

What do you guys think?? I’d say he’s unique, powerful, versatile as either a leader or plug-n-play, absolutely beatable, and most importantly - fun, especially with the newly reworked trio.
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