Luminara Unduli Character rework idea

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Make Healers Great Again!

Let’s begin by continuing to buff some GR toons, and let’s give the Galactic Republic a viable healer outside of Zarris. As she’s an entry-level character, these tweaks are only meant to make her somewhat more viable further into the game, while possibly still holding a spot with just the right team composition at end-game. Alright, here we go!

Luminara Unduli

Light Side, Jedi, Galactic Republic, Healer

Basic: Flow of the Force - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and grant Evasion Up to a random Galactic Republic ally that does not have it. All allies gain Health and Protection equal to the damage delt.

Special: Force Blast - Deal Special Damage to target enemy, remove 50% turn meter, and inflict Ability Block for one turn.
(Cooldown = 2)

Special: Master Healer’s Blessing - all allies recover 20% health and 20% protection. Galactic Republic and Jedi Allies that are at 100% health or 100% protection after using this ability gain 20% turn meter and have their cool downs reduced by one.
(Cooldown = 3)

Unique {changed from leadership}: Elegant Steps (Zeta) - Jedi and Galactic Republic allies recover 10% health and 10% protection whenever they evade an attack

Alright, what’s everybody think? Does she have a home on Jedi or Galactic Republic squads? Check out my other Character ideas (Mace Windu and Padmé Amidala) too, and let me know how you think they’d synergize together!
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