Looking for Fleet Arena members

Hey, I'm looking for a fleet shard chat so that I help coordinate payout times:

Wishnu - Grand Jury
Deathstar1 - 42nd Order
007 - Die Dritte Ordung
Gray - Knights of Kendow
Ragnarok3 - Donkey Punchin T Rex
Bridges Darkstar - Sith Happens
Ze Dakomar - Learn to Walk
vomis de poule - Empire de la Force Qc
DarthSpy - ShadowCollective
bubu - Purple Raiders
JanSolo - Magyar Harcos S 2
YakovMonarh - RussianRov
Delara Exbil - BinarySun
Keanu Reeves - Republic of Sweden
PatheticJoker - The Journeyman Protectors
FuzzyJuzzy - DILLIGAFF Rebels

Message me here is you know what's up with our group please!
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