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I’m going to show an optimistic approach to some of the negativity that been going around.

•Hard nodes go from 8 back to 5.
(CG stated in their post however long ago it’s temporary. As far as I’m concerned it not their fault we got accustomed to 8. With 5 attempts it lets me spread out my farms more evenly so I have more toons reach 7* around the same time.)
•Darth Revan
(I had no issues with his release, I appreciated the communication that there was a delay and they kept us informed. Yes by it being delayed it allowed more people to get him but that doesn’t bother me.)
• Darth Malak release
(The only issue I had with it was the very short notice in which they released it. Other than that I enjoyed the event. It was challenging enough that I had fun and didn’t beat it in 5 mins.)
(I’m happy they are taking the time to fix toons that have been stale. I don’t expect every toon that gets reworked or released to be meta. And honestly my focus isn’t being #1 in arena. I would rather compete in grand arena where I can use teams I’ve invested in through the years.

I know I am going to catch a lot of crap for defending the actions of CG but at the end of the day this is just a game. CG is a company and it needs to make money to provide content for us to enjoy. If you are not happy with the direction of the game then stop investing your time, money, and energy in the game and do something else. As I used to tell my students. If you are going to complain do it constructively and know what resolution will make you satisfied.


  • Tl;dr: My feelings about OP's points, and a little bit of my own views to counter. Plus a desire for anger to subside in the community.

    I've had my fair share of anger towards CG, and I feel actions have appropriate consequences, and often times I feel the need to express my anger to them through available options. I've also defended CG every now and then when they deserve such an action. Not as often as I have expressed anger, but nonetheless, I have batted for each team.

    In this case, I feel that the anger for Malak can be justified. I do feel that it was unreasonable to set such a high restriction on characters with only 2 days for a warning, and then a second 2 days period to actually acquire the new character. I personally do not have Darth Revan, so I was not personally affected by this course, but I know that I would be furious about this. And now the belief is that CG will release more characters in events similar to this. This can very quickly spiral out of control to a pure money grabbing scenario. The only way to confirm that you have a chance to unlock the new, powerful character is by having G11+zeta or G12 on every character? Impossible for anyone that is not a Kraken. Even some whales would have difficulty staying ahead in that regard.

    As for your other points, I have no problem with Darth Revan. Anyone who has a brain saw that he was coming with the release of Bastila Fallen and the others. So anyone who farmed these characters up were ready (star wise, not necessarily gear wise). I just chose different characters to farm, and I am not regretting that decision since I don't actively try to go for #1 in my arena, though I do wish I had him for GA.

    Reworks are always great. Give me more of them. Just as long as the reworks are reasonable. There is no reason a change to one character can suddenly make them invincible to the strongest teams out there. But the GMY rework? Just like that. JKA, GK, and Ahsoka? All good, reasonable to canon, and makes sense. I do wish that Anakin had gotten a zeta ability, but he seems to be strong enough without needing one. And the GK rework is perfect. He was a strong and useful character pre-rework, so there is no need to give him a huge boost like Ahsoka/GMY got. Reworks play huge roles in the game, but there has to be a balance with them. Without balance, problems rise at exponential rates.

    As for the 8 to 5 situation, many people have many different feelings about that. I can see the point that you are making, and I am slightly leaning that way, especially since I can now farm 4 Hard nodes and 2 fleet nodes without crystal refreshes. However, decreasing the amount of attempts from 8 to 5 can bring further consequences. The wait time for the character to become 7* is much longer. While I do like that I can work on many different farms (without refreshes) at a time, I will absolutely miss being able to get a character to 7* in just a few months of farms.

    You make some good points, and while it is a bit odd that the very first time you decide to post in the forums at all is to defend CG's actions completely, it is not necessarily that this is a CG extra account to pat themselves on the back. As I stated at the beginning, I have defended CG at tines, but I also challenge them at other times. Something I wish others would do on the forums rather than taking a hard line for anti-CG or pro-CG. Many times I have seen "Thank you for (insert problem here) as I now have a reason to quit the game." I just wish that the entire community would understand that CG is just as invested in this game as we are. But they are a company, so they do need to make a profit somehow. Krakens and whales fund the game so that dolphins, guppies, F2P, and any other group can continue to play the game as they desire to play.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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    Mstrefe1 wrote: »

    As for the 8 to 5 situation, many people have many different feelings about that.

    the problem is the droprate of shards when i get 2/3 hero shards out of around 600 energy some days in a row thats a mess. they played around the droprate as well in their hidden area of tuning.
    thats a shame.

  • I’m not defending CG, at the end of the day they are a company. And companies have a bottom line. And need to justify their existence with dollar signs. But I agree with any criticism of sith Assassin. That entire situation is extremely disappointing. From my point of view the biggest problem CG made was they changed too much too fast, so they can Segway into Clone Wars material without any overlap.
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    Concerning the Malak event - the real stinker is imo the short duration. If this is the norm going forward, I am bound to miss some important releases simply by being off my phone for a weekend, which will happen quite a bit in the Summer.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • Technically yes they did say 8 attempts was temporary. But it is a much loved change among ppl in the community( we never agree on anything lol)

    As a player I don’t see a huge issue of continuing 8 attempts because there is more to farm and some toons are just single node farm. But on the flip I am not looking at data reports and memos about the future etc.

    I think they are an easy bone to throw that people will be appreciative of.

    My problem is with the kits of all the new toons. And QA. The lack of testing. I don’t think they can make a new toon with a kit with out nerfing an older toon anymore with out falling into the same problem when they want to change the meta again. Tbh I think want to go that way of RPS but can’t at this point, JKR and Jedi are just too good. And then they release DREVAN who synergises with Sith Empire not sith.

    It’s annoying to constantly change toons because of one.
  • The 8 to 5 hard node was just a bad business decision period. For a collector game to have to wait 6 to 12 months just to get a character to a point where it can qualify to be used is crazy.

  • LukeDukem8 wrote: »
    The 8 to 5 hard node was just a bad business decision period. For a collector game to have to wait 6 to 12 months just to get a character to a point where it can qualify to be used is crazy.

    The problem that CG made was they changed it to 8 in the first place. When it was announced they did it for a limited time to help us farm for the upcoming revan event. (If my memory serves me right). If they never changed it to 8, Jedi Knight Revan would have been a higher paywall.
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    There really has been a lot of negativity lately from multiple issues. Im not attacking the devs for what has happened, but I am disappointed.

    My main focus of late (granted, because it is affecting me the most right now) is the hard nodes. I realized though that it's not so much about the attempts being 5 instead of 8, but rather the sheer number of hard node only farms. I just wish they would rotate some of these shards to other farming locations like the cantina. I, like many others, really don't like 16 energy Cantina farms but I would MUCH prefer that to hard node only at 5 attempts.

    The devs seem to be trying to engage the negativity, which I feel is just adding fuel to the fire. It would be really awesome if we could get some kind potential solution from them, like a shard rotation or even a double drops day or something. Some kind of give and take instead of take take take.

    Again, I'm not attacking them, I understand why they did what they did even though I don't agree with it. I would just like some kind of compromise or some kind of improvement in something that shows they are trying to help the players too ya know?
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