JTR Check

From what I read I think I am good. Unfortuantely my old safety net of throwing arena mods on them isn't possible since my arena mods are all 6e and none of these characters are g12, but I do have better mods I can throw on them if needed but will try with this first. I also have enough gear saved to take Finn to gear 10 and Vet Chewy to gear 9 if need but hoping to save that gear for JTR.



  • Damon_Skye
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    Just unlocked her myself with not too different a team to you:
    Finn & Rey at G10
    BB8 at G9
    Vet Chewie at G8
    Vet Han at G7

    No zetas and not all Omegas, but most. Also didn’t have arrow mods on the vets as no spares, and was holding off on moving them from others.
    Good event! Enjoyed the nice bit in the 6th part! :-)
  • I've got Vets G7 BB8 + Rey G8 and Finn G10. Just need to finish the tedious farm now (20/100)
  • Got it first try, level 5 got a bit shaky but didn’t lose anyone.
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