Malak and balance

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Is it just me that wishes they hadn't released malak?
I dont mean the fact that hes a nightmare to beat? I get that, it's one of those things, you get over it and search for a counter ( and then cg nerf said counter)
Before Malak, with DR balance was brought back to the arena, far less mirror matches and it was still possible for revan to beat DR, whilst DR wiped revan out, so maintaining their superiority.
The devs claim that there is more to the game than arena, and everyone who managed DR can now field dr and revan teams in ga/tw. Therefore still maintaining an air of I've got the latest toon and am king.
Now though there just is nothing you either have malak or you dont. An insurmountable hill for everyone and anything in danger of getting close is immediately pounced on by the devs.

It's a sad time, there is no balance anymore. I've not got malak, I was content with how they defined the difficulty of the event, that to me was reasonable from the devs, immediately nerfng everything that can counter him? I'm not, it stinks.
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