Jedi Knight Anakin in fleet shipments

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So, Anakin has a ship the can be farmed... however he doesn't show up in fleet shipments. Isn't that a little funny? Shouldn't ALL Pilots be available in fleet shipments? Just a thought.


  • Not all pilots are in fleet shipments. Kylo Ren/FOST are “pilots” for the shuttle and they aren’t in, same as Palpatine/Royal Guard aren’t.
  • Liath
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    Not all pilots are in fleet shipments and Ani didn’t have a ship when they stopped adding characters to the shops. Ani has more places to farm him than just about anybody though.
  • UdalCuain
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    And not all available in the fleet shipments are pilots either. GG, Fulcrum, Chirrut to name a few.
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