Phasmas Leader Skill Querys

How exactly does it work?

It sounds simple enough, % chance that when someone attacks, a team member attacks too at reduced dmg with the chance being doubled for FO units.

How does it double the chance though? Does it give all allies a % to attack every time and the first one to "roll" correctly attacks? Does the game select one ally randomly every attack and roll for them? I'm unsure how doubling the chances for FO works when the skill is randomly based in the first place. Because how I see it and what I'm confused about is if you got a FO unit other on the field, this leader skill should be going off nearly every other attack? Considering they have almost 50% chance to attack.

Also, does it proc on specials or only the basic attack? Does it proc on aoe attacks like Sideous and if so does the ally hit everyone Sideous hit or only the targeted character? Does it proc on heals and debuffs?

And which effects can be proc'd with the skill? Can Dooku hit twice for example if his bonus attack procs and does his bonus attack count as a separate attack allowing more Phasma procs?


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    Mine isn't leveled up completely or geared, but i did level it until i ran out or credits and droids. Its at lvl 48 or something, just strong enough to take into canteena missions to test stuff out, with gear iv.
    Impressions are that the cry for nerfs are imminent.
    Her basic attack is at offee level, barely scratching until she has advantage, where the attack crits for 3k (at lvl 48ish).
    The skill that gives the entire team turn and advantage is awesome for first strike as she is very fast, and after dooku is next to act.
    The follow up skill that deals aoe damage and slows is a little less effective, as it aoes like 300 damage and the slow is always resisted (may improve once leveled up).
    Finally, the leader skill is op as ****. Any attack or action can trigger it. I healed my team on a darkside mission with old daka, and ventress jumped in to attack. Inattacked with talia and tie fighter attacked twice. It was just thinking her as leader with tfp, cb, leia, and dooku is going to be the next op team.
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