Understanding the sith raid battle mechanics

I work late afternoon to evening so whenever my guild runs sith raid I usually get right into the first phase against nihilus and throw my best resistance team at it on auto. On average auto play deals roughly 1 million damage and once did 2 million damage. However more recently my team on auto only dealt 600000 damage despite all being gear 12, 3 of 5 toons fully Zeta'd and mods almost completely sliced to 6 dot. When it comes to playing manually I dont know how well I'd perform since it's been a while since I tried to fight nihilus myself. My question is when I do play manually do I just go all out with attack or try to use special abilities at some point, notably ones that dont deal damage? I've noticed my bb8 usually pulls off a non damage ability on its first turn but should I focus on attack or mix it up?


  • BubbaFett
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    Look up resistance p1 hstr on Google..... There will be several YouTube video that explains the strategy....

    A bad run for me is about 3 million and I have hit close to 6 on a good one.....
  • jkray622
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    Bb8 should always use his Secret Intel or ID. He never uses basic attack.

    The squad strategy depends a little on which 5 characters you use, but basic attacks are usually bad on Nihilus. You want to use special attacks.
  • I currently run jtr lead with Rey, r2, bb8 and finn ( finn will be replaced with trooper once he's 7 star).
  • jkray622
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    These days, the ideal squad is:
    RJT lead, BB8, R2, C3PO, Finn.

    Once your Trooper is geared up, I'd replace Scavenger Rey.

    BB8 should always use Secret Intel, until Illuminated Destiny is ready. Scavenger Rey just alternates between her two specials. Finn should pretty much always use his third ability (should always be off cooldown if he attacked without debuffs). RJT will go through a cycle of Mind Tricks, Assist, basic attack. R2 is going to alternate between Smoke Screen (usually leaving bb8 exposed) and his fire skill.

    Avoid basic attacks on Nihilus whenever possible.
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