Returning player, new account.

Here is a returning player who took a 2 year break.
I started from scratch and have been really lucky with my shard. I have started 3 days ago, unlocked arena yesterday morning and have finished top 50 twice in a row. Now there are like 20 big whales in my shard, who already have full g7 old republic team.
I went on and did some research like I used to (used to be lv 85 on my old device) and have started farming phoenix (hera, kanan, chopper).
Anybody any more tips. I also have a few select questions:
1. What toons are important to farm early game, next to phoenix
2. There are so many new legendary toons out. Is there a guide for them? Which ones are important to have knowledge of early game and prepare for?
3. Where did LordSkunk go om youtube? >:(


  • About legendaries, Revan is a must if you want to stay in top of the arena. You need Bastila, Jolee, T3-M4, Mission Vao, and Zaalbar. Other people will have different opinions but most guides are outdated but still helpful.
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    Spiritual Successors of Lord stung are the game changlings
  • it use to be Farm Phoenix to get other toons but the way things are now going.
    You could farm either old republic or go for Droids and either try to unlock Revan Dark Revan or Padme.

    Also try and get Bounty Hunters for Chewie and the make a great team to.
    Go for CLS and get Rebels with Chewie CLS Raid Han.

    so many directions you could go for.

    True arm Revan and Dark Revan are Meta but also Nightsisters are as always great team and you can compete.

    dont go for all try and pick out a team and try to focus on that team.

    and please dont leave out fleet as thats a great way to get Cristals, I have been focussing also on fleet from start and as a Free to pay I am every day in top 3 of my shard giving me 300 to 400 cristals a day.

    Good luck

  • Thebestbjp wrote: »
    3. Where did LordSkunk go om youtube? >:(

    Quit in disgrace after some nerd drama.
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    Ep and Sith are still viable in arena, NS too, you can expect top 100 if you farm good mods
  • Conveniently, a new legendary farming guide was released today, so you could give that a look.
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