First order/clones in sith raid phase 1 against nihilus

I know resistance has high effectiveness in phase 1 of sith raid against nihilus but is it mainly in part because of the expose thing? As far as what I'm asking I'm trying to determine if a team consisting of toons that possess some form of assist attack synergy like first order or clones would be a good secondary team for phase 1 after resistance gets defeated


  • High assist teams do not do well against DN as basic attacks refill his protection. see ‘Lord of Hunger’
  • So what other type of team synergy/squad is best suited for the role of secondary team against nihilus? My c3p0 is only 5 stars and I've heard he's helpful in sith raid.
  • Ephran
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    Teams that have very high tenacity do well, so Bastilla Jedi teams are pretty great.
  • Vendi1983
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    I can get anywhere from 2.5-3 million on P1 T6 with my First Order team. So they are ok but nothing like Resistance, Bastila, or Revan in terms of damage output.
  • Both Revans can do about ~12% of P1.
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