Zeta regrets



  • I might take flack for this cause everyone seems to love it (since it's 12th most zeta'd skill), but for the life of me I haven't seen the great benefit from bb8s roll with the punches... I think it adds like 200-300k to my sith raid runs (tier 6), but besides raids, I run my jtr in pve and it's rare that that extra attack makes any noticable difference, so at 2mil gp I could have used it in better places.
  • MaulVI
    12 posts Member
    Thrawn lead.

    Nihilus lead.

    Vader lead.

    Maul lead.

    All irrelevant Zetas nowadays.

    Honestly wish that there was just a refund button, but can only do it once on a character ever.
  • Death trooper. I started to farm krennic and gear him up but lot of things came on my way. My krennic still G10 and 6 star by now.
    >:) So what? I want Krell!
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