Gear up Jedi Knight Anakin?

I currently have all abilities maxed out on JKA, and he is at gear 9. Should I gear him higher?


  • They are about to Nerf him
  • The devs literally said dont gear him
  • The upcoming nerf can't be worse than he was though
  • kalidor
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    Stockpile the gear, hold into it, and wait for their official word. He's probably not going to be that much worse, but any change will be considered a nerf and CG probably doesn't want to do another gear refund like they did with Assassin. I suspect the change will be an aoe damage reduction, making him more faction oriented, or both.
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  • Even if he is nerfed, he will still see use in 3v3, and his ship is still good so as long as you are not gearing him as a counter to the blessed and untouchable Darth Minsc you'll have use for him.
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