Nightsisters VS Revan VS Falcon

So I'm getting JTR (Han 80/100) hopefully and I should be good to 7* C3P0 once he comes back next month. That leaves me with a CLS arena team and a phase 1 HSTR team. Should I focus on Nightsisters (No event requirements, good GA/TW team, amazing phase 4), JKR (AMAZING GA/TW team, decent phase 2) or Hans **** (Already have pilots G12, dominates meta)?

Ty in advanced.

P.S. I don't really care about arena, but fleet arena can be a good easy source of crystals as nobody chases as hard as normal arena and I quite enjoy ships. But I also really enjoy raids and when my guild starts doing HSTR I don't want to be dead weight getting 20+ rank.


  • Personally, I’d go Falcon first. I enjoy ships as well, and taking first every day in fleet arena sure does help fund chasing all those other characters.
  • Falconnnnn then revannnnn
  • HK666
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    I'd do Revan then Falcon, then NS if nothing else to chase pops up. But, I much prefer chars to ships, so that's just me.
  • RandomSithLord
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    I'd also say Revan. More overall utility.

    Note that the next Falcon event will be the ship's 3rd appearance and it is highly possible that by then the rebel fleet will be dethroned. It will probably be a solid secondary fleet and still have great utility in TW/GA, but if you are chasing top 5 ranks in fleet the Falcon might not be a solution by the next time it returns.
  • Falcon and JKR, if you have enough energy, especially since Droideka now shares a node with XB. But if not, I’d do falcon first. It’s easier to get top in the fleet arena than squad arena, plus you’ve got the pilots geared and the gear requirements to unlock the falcon are incredibly low.
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