Speaking what's on my mind and my frustrations with this game.

Hope some of you get to see this.


  • It's a game play or don't play. It never bothered me much about any of it. I get your bottom line point about $$$ to get to the high ground sort of. It's a never ending process. That's why it doesn't bother me. CG has made improvement and looks as though the game is getting better and better. The premises of this game could be made into another one for PlayStation or Xbox with more to do. I've been playing since the beginning of the game. Though I've taken brakes. I never tripping about the cost. If ppl want to drop 5k as you say then have at it. I wouldn't . I also don't want to @#$& on the game devs or the players by constantly complaining about a game that has kept going . It hasn't ended yet. If it did ol well. I've invested money on factions and so forth gear so on. But going on the trip out and post content like what you have ranting is a waste of time and my mind .
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