My separatists

What path should I go for Padme based on what I have.


  • Liath
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    Very difficult to answer without knowing anything about the event other than "arduous," but my money is on the droids being the best team to use, probably to the point of it being a soft requirement.
  • Since b1 and Droideka just became farmable I’d go that route. Prolly all need to be g12 with all zetas to get her the way things are going. Or you will need all separatists at g12 with all zetas to get her
  • Geez... Just when I was wanting a Genosian team
  • Nute gunray is definitely gonna be critical for this one. Probably should have him at least G12 with a couple pieces to be sure.
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    Doesn't look good at all, not even for a 5* unlock.
    You're most likely going to have to invest a lot of resources for this, whatever route (full GG squad or mixed team) you're going to take.
    Dooku might be a thing in the event with his anti-Jedi stuff (stun, ability block and shock against GK's taunt) and B2 might be essential aswell with his buff immunity against GK.
    Question is: Do you really want to make that investment on a char where we don't know yet if she's going to have a real use at 5* or are you better off with continueing with whatever you're working on right now (JKR??).
    I'd say skip it TBH :/
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  • Droids >>>>>> Geos
  • Unless you've got a ton of crystals saved up, it looks like your best strategy is to invest in what you have currently and hope for the best! Poggle lead, other geos, asajj. I think Dooku might be a fast farm and either ride sun fac or try to get b2 for a tank!
  • First time ever that I am not worried about being able to unlock a character. I have all seperatist except for b1 and droideka at 7* and g10 or higher :-)
  • Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    Droids >>>>>> Geos

    They gonna keep giving geos that buff in TW?
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