With mission is good for testing teams for PVP?

I'm looking for a mission that work mirror PVP player stats. Want to test different teams to get a feel of how they would perform in PVP.


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    Do you mean how your team works in pvp or how other pvp teams work versus your team?
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    I want to test teams that would match AI teams in PVP at rank 200 - 300. I was looking for a mission that's close enough to give a good idea of how my team would perform against the AI in PVP.
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    The only way that would work is in Cantina because your squad will be part light part dark. Then just do the hardest available mission.
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    I've found Galatic Wars to be useful for testing out squad dynamics. The rules are a little bit different from Arena PVP because your cooldowns don't reset between battles, but you can find some hidden gems by subbing heroes into your lineup to fill gaps.
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