Keep with T5 or move to T6?

So in my guild we have had this discussion many times but I wanted to get some opinions from others who have already moved on to HSTR.

We are currently clearing T5 of the STR pretty consistently in two refreshes. Then we have to wait another 2-3 days before we can run it again. We only have about 10 people who are really doing damage because it gets cleared so quickly. I'm wondering if we should move up to T6 in preparation for HSTR.

The argument that I am facing is that others in my guild claim that doing T6 is more hassle than it's worth. As in the rewards are not enough compensation to warrant the extra guild tokens needed to launch a T6 vs a T5. My guild mates claim that the internet says there are all kinds of guilds that go straight from T5 to heroic but I can't seem to find those threads.

Can anyone shed some light on the raid situation? Is T5 actually better than T6 (in rewards)?


  • Rewards are better in t6, t6 is def Harder then t5, however, we ran t6 Once we had t5 down cold, then kept running t6 until we did hstr. Try t6, it’s a good gauge to see how good your squads really are getting , but don’t expect it to go easy, And having a break between str Raids is not a bad thing, It helps people avoid the burnout from chipping away at a adamantium wall.

  • As a guild leader who has worked up from T4 to T6 and nearly ready for heroic, my advice is to stay at T5, especially if you still need 2 refreshes for T5.

    The HP difference and dmg increase in T6 will make the raid painful to say the least. My guild still needs a 2nd refresh to finish off P4, mostly due to apathy/burnout/boredom, though we could clear T5 twice (maybe thrice) in one day easily.

    The rewards won't make up for that extra time it takes, and you could even end up wasting tickets due to the longer clear time (happened to us frequently when we were at that point).

    Once you can easily clear T5 in one day, still try T6 for a bit as the difficulty ramp up from T5 to heroic is not comparable at all. Even going from T6 to heroic has some of my guildmates fuming over the RNG and massive amount of restarting it takes to get a solid run logged.

    Hope this helps you out
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    To see what fights are like and what you can achieve...

    Rank #2 Rewards T6


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  • Thanks for the advice, I will keep on trucking and fine tuning my teams.
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    Thanks for the advice, I will keep on trucking and fine tuning my teams.

    Do at least one T6 and see how it is. Honestly, T7 is easier than T6...(or at least it was before the raid health reduction, I don't know about now)
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