Not a new player, but not a good player!

Hi, sorry for another one of these, but frustrated with SWGOH at this point as I have been at it for a while, but don't really have any solid understanding of if I am doing well or not. Can you take a look at my squad and poke holes in it? I really want to get to a Dark Side strong team, but am clearly clueless!!!


  • The game forces you to farm opposing factions to unlock legendary characters, and you don’t have many required factions ready.

    It looks like the easiest solid dark side team for you is going to be either Sith or Nightsisters. For a good Sith team, you’ll need Palpatine zeta lead, Vader, Nihilus, Sion, & Bastila Fallen. For a good Nightsisters team, you’ll need Talzin zeta lead, Ventress zeta unique, Zombie, Daka, & the last spot can be Acolyte, Talia, or Spirit. You want to gear up whichever team you choose to the maximum.

    To have more options for the future, you’ll need to get some more legendary characters. Since you’re interested in dark side, here are the requirements to get the following dark side legendaries:
    Grand Admiral Thrawn - 5 Phoenix characters, preferably at gear 9+
    Darth Revan - HK-47, Canderous Ordo, Bastila Shan (Fallen), Carth Onasi, & Juhani, preferably at gear 10+
    Darth Traya - get in a guild that runs the heroic sith triumvirate raid. Your best path to being able to contribute to the raid is to build up your Nightsisters
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    From sorting your characters, I'd say what you need to do is focus on a faction/Squad that has synergy that you want to. Your arena squad is Bounty Hunter, Sith, Nightsister, Sith, Nightsister.

    If you were to Create an all Nightsister squad as an example, their effectiveness is amplified. Or choose Sith. Or Bounty Hunter. The point is Random, higher power, teams are less effective that a team that works well together.

    One thing is that you haven't really committed towards working to get some of the Legendary characters.
    For Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) , you need a specific set of five. Get those 5, star up to 7, gear them, and obtain CLS. Then do the same for BB8, then JTR (be advised the Vet Han and Chewy grind takes time), then Grand Master Yoda, and Thrawn. I'm not suggesting an order to do these, but these are the characters that you'll want to get, and some of the best toons.

    As a final note, do not underestimate mods. You have some 1 dot mods on your characters. Your arena team (Greedo) has low level mods This is not good. Start the mod farm, and keep at it until you get some better mods. Only 5 dot mods should be farmed and upgraded. I'd start stripping all the 1-4 dots off your characters, and only upgrade mods that have good/better secondaries.
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    Also, though it's easier said than done, save up for Zetas. You've got some potential squads that would benefit quite a bit from the right leadership Zeta. Sith and Empire under Palpatine Zeta get a nice boost, and Talzin and Ventress both have leadership Zetas that boost Nightsister.

    It's easy to get focused on a lot of different factions at once, but you'll gain a lot from building a strong, cohesive Arena team and then choosing specific factions to work on. Took me a while to get there. When I started I was just randomly collecting. As soon as I focused my farming the whole game got better.
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  • Thank you both @FolsomTony and @papa_jupez - these are exactly the types of hints/tips I was looking for. Agree that I am haphazard just collecting and upgrading without any understand/vision of what the end state should be. This helps! Thank you again :smile:
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    You have all the pieces to make a really good night sister team. Mother Talzin lead, Asajj Ventress, Night Sister Zombie, Night Sister Acolyte, Old Daka. Zeta Mother Tilzin lead and gear them up. You will notice a nice boost in power. Also get them to 7 star.
  • Awesome @Hipbanjoplayer that is a great piece of advice! Thank you!
  • Anytime. I learned the hard way as well lol
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    The biggest Hint I can give in addition to the ones above is DO NOT LEVEL OR GEAR TOONS that you will not use. If you enjoy the NS faction then focus solely on them until they are G12 7* then move onto your next project. One of the worst things you can do is randomly gear and level toons. Your toons need to be level 1 Gear 1, or G12 level 85. Try to have nothing in between!
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    Would agree that working on a Nightsister arena team is a good place to start, along with the legendaries. I might actually go for Jedi Knight Revan first over any of the others - he's relatively easy to unlock compared to how beastly he is. You can get Princess Leia and Stormtrooper Han from the shops while you farm up JKR's unlock team, to give yourself a head start on Commander Luke.

    Do yourself a favor and don't neglect your ships, either. Strong ships are a tremendous asset, not least because fleet arena is much easier to compete in than squad arena, and is by far the best way to get zeta materials. You've got a decently geared Vader and Biggs - add a strong Imperial TIE or First Order TIE to that and you have a decent starting lineup.

  • Thanks @Dar_Penthar solid advice. I am definitely guilty of powering up just because I can.
  • Thank you @Jarvind - working on the nightsisters is a great idea. Working on that now.

    The ships are frustrating but I am progressing through.

    Thanks again!
  • You could also start gearing up your Raid Han as he is useful almost everywhere.
    If you want to have better arena presence, you could do Sith + Boba => zPalp, zader (non lead), SA, Nihilus, Maul etc. For this to work well, mod up Vader with a lot of speed so that he gets of his awesome disables before everyone else. But pretty much everything is dependent on speed so, get speed 5 star arrow mods on everyone!

    You DO have the basis set up for a Separatist team as well, with Geos at 7 stars. You could start farming B2 and gear up those Separatists for the Padme event that is coming soon. But you will most likely have to wait the next time she is back to rank her up to 7 stars maybe (seeing as she is coming soon). BTW Magnaguard works really well with GG and B2 is a real thorn in the but for enemies.

    Basically, the game screams you need a stable faction for this and this etc. I didn't like following that route but eventually went with it. For me, I have a stable: Rebel squad of 5, FO squad, Empire/Sith, Clones, GR and am currently working to get a good Phoenix and Separatist squad for Padme and Thrawn (+Chimaera).
  • Nice @AntiFunn - a lot of very useful tips here. Thank you for checking out my team and helping!!!
  • You should join an active guild. A good guild is your home and provides you all information and tipps to grow up.
  • Thanks @Sparkle361 a good tip. I have always struggled to find a guild to be honest.
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    Do you have the Discord app? If so, the guild recruitment server there is a great way to get connected with a guild. The link is
  • Wow! Never heard of that. Awesome, thank you @Kai_Mulai
  • You aren't in bad shape. If you work on that Nightsisters team, and you work on some of your Galactic Republic characters, you should be doing okay for the next year. I'd also work towards getting heros journey characters. Luke, Rey, and Revan later on. But for now, work with what you got!
  • Thanks @taquillasun - I am getting a good handle on building a cohesive team now. Making changes in approach and seeing what happens!!!
  • You got 7 star Geos... guilds will want that.... the new Geo TB will need those. Your roster is more valuable than you think....
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